Bio Grant Blair


Position: Center
Nick Name: Foster
Age: 11


Grant was born with Arthrogryposis, club feet, no muscle in the lower part of his legs and a dislocated hip on July 21st, 2004. His Arthogryposis isn’t like most, his stiffening and contractions of his joints are only in his lower extremities. Doctors told us he would never crawl much less walk. He has done both and now walks w/ armband crutches and goes to school like every other kid. He is a very determined and smart kid. He has had 10 surgeries, numerous casts including a body cast and orthotics, but he is one tough kid. He’s been in casts since he was 7 days old. He’s been playing baseball on the Miracle League since he was 5 years old. He can catch and throw a ball better than most kids. His hand is like “Velcro”! He is a very competitive kid that loves all sports. He can tell you stats about any player or team from all sports In March of 2014 he joined a team the Austin Blades. This is the first competitive team he has been on. He was introduced to sled hockey by his best friend, who plays regular hockey. He would go to his practices and games and from then on he fell in love with hockey. Sled hockey is a big part of his life. He has gotten to practice with some of the USA Paralympic Gold Medalist players. He is so limited physically but anyone that meets him would never know anything is wrong until he starts walking. He is special and has touched so many people’s lives. Many parents and strangers come up to his mom and say what an inspiration he has been to them, that he has been an encouragement to them when they have lost motivation and how amazing he is in general. His drive really makes everyone feel like NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. He is a very smart, determined sweet boy. Sled hockey has changed his life and has given him confidence. Sled hockey has made a huge impact on him. He absolutely loves hockey. He says when he’s on the ice “it makes him feel free!”


Grant was the first kid to join the Austin Blades Sled Hockey team. He has been noticed and was watched at the USA Disabled Hockey Festival by the USA National Developmental Team for a possible position on their team in the future.  His first tournament and first time to actually play on a kid’s team was in April of 2015 at the USA Disabled Hockey Festival in Buffalo NY. He was put on a team that he had never played and didn’t know any of the players. He was the first one on the team to make their first goal. He scored 3 goals and 2 assists! He was ranked 23 out of 56 kids and he had never played a real game or been in a tournament before.

A little secret about Grant:

If he doesn’t like a certain food he will put peanut butter on it…..